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What our customers are saying:

“ Extremely impressed with the enquiries and the number of jobs we have been getting, I recommend any local business should join.”  

Steve, Boilertech

“ Having joined Medway Professionals I have found the quality of enquiries to be well confirmed , my company well presented and nice and straight forward to do business with potential clients.”

Project Manager, Mayfair Drives

“When signing to Medway Professionals I was slightly sceptical about getting a response with this kind of service, however I decided to join, within 5 minutes I had a call from them with an enquiry and an hour later I had another, extremely pleased that I ended up going with them and pleased with the amount of enquiries I have been getting”

Steve, House Maintenance

“I found Medway Professionals a great service for getting work, I get quite a few leads a week and have only just joined, would recommend to anyone”

Danny, Danny Clarke Roofing

“Since joining Medway Professionals I have had lead after lead - Good quality leads at that. More than enough to keep me ticking over nicely”

Chris, Rockstone Property Maintenance

Please accept my thanks for all the business leads that Medway Professionals have given me over the last number of months. I am pleased to say that many of these have led to accepted pieces of work for which I am grateful.
I have always found your company to be very speedy and efficient in passing on these leads.
I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Gerald, Gerald Baron Plumbing

“We have been members for a few months now and we have been pleasantly surprised with the number of quality and quantity of leads received, the best response we have ever seen from any marketing thus far”
Terry, Kayes Electrical

“I will definitley be signing up again next year.”

James Wildish , Decorator Medway

Statistics For November

Leads Generated:                       347

Recommendations We Made:    693